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AAHOF has today announced the individuals and organisation to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for this year.

In a statement from the Chairman, Steve Padgett, he noted that: “In 2018 there were a significant number of candidates referred to the Board for consideration, which is always a difficult but rewarding task considering the many who have contributed much to our aviation and aerospace history in varying but significant ways. There are so many avenues for achievement in the industry that often go unrecognised and unrewarded. AAHOF has the opportunity to see that those individuals and organisations are always open for selection” Mr Padgett said.

This year the Hall of Fame has the pleasure and privilege of inducting four individuals and one organisation that will be inducted under the Southern Cross award. They include:

  • Dr Rob Lee AO – Director of Bureau of Air Safety Investigations, aviation human factors authority.
  • David Massy-Greene – One of the leaders of the Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS) enabling more efficient navigation, especially on Trans-Pacific air routes.
  • Ernst Krolke – Developed the ’slot’ system of runway allocation that greatly improved worldwide aviation efficiency.
  • Sir Rod Eddington AO – CEO of Cathay Pacific Airways, Ansett Australia and British Airways.
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship Australia (Southern Cross Award) – An organisation that provides aviation services for people living in remote areas from Australia and around the world around.

On Saturday 24th of November 2018 the induction dinner will be held once again at the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) at Illawarra Regional Airport, Albion Park, NSW but on this occasion we will be delighted to have the first opportunity to show our guests the area that has been especially allocated and prepared to an initial fit out stage to accommodate the AAHOF story, recognise our inductees in an individual way and display memorabilia and other material relevant in recognition of Australia’s rich Aviation history.

This year’s event will celebrate the opening of the venue. Much thanks to HARS for their invaluable support, as well as the financial and other support from our sponsors and the many other organisations, companies and individuals who have made this possible. The induction dinner is always a very special occasion and more so in 2018 as the Hall of Fame takes its first steps to build a permanent home to recognise those who have made significant contributions to the aviation and aerospace industry.

The Australian Aviation Hall of Fame invites you to join us and our other guests on the evening of November 24. Tickets will be available from the new and improved AAHOF web site shortly.

AAHOF’s motto: “To Honour the Past and Inspire the Future” reflects its twin aims of recognising those who have contributed to Australia’s great aviation and aerospace record as well as inspiring young people to become involved in the industry and be part of its future development.

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